Science Panel

Our Science Panel comprises leading experts on soil health issues representing scientific interests in agri-economics, soil biology, structure, security, ecology, monitoring and metrics. They provide advice on technical and research aspects of soil health and contribute to guidance and position statements as well as our collaborations with the non-scientific community.

Professor Bridget Emmett

Science Area Head - Soils and Land Use, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.

Professor Jane Rickson

Professor of Soil Erosion and Conservation, Cranfield University - Soil and Agrifood Institute.

Professor Jonathan Leake

F.I. Soil Sci. Plant-Soil Interactions, Dept of Animal & Plant Sciences, Sheffield University.

The interaction of plant roots and associated microorganisms to deliver soil quality and functions. Studies with UK farmers to analyse how soil quality in croplands can be improved by diverse rotations and reduced tillage, assessing benefits to farmers such as crop yields, reduced fertilizer costs and drought/flood resilience, and to the public from carbon sequestration and soil water infiltration/storage.

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