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Soils at COP28

At COP28 this year, soil health was mentioned as an objective for the first time – a demonstration that awareness of soils as a tool in the fight against climate change is growing. The Sustainable Agriculture, Resilient Food Systems and Climate Action Declaration included ambitions to enhance soil health, and at the same a group of over 200 non-state actors highlighted ‘improve soil health’ as one of the key actions in a Call to Action for Food-Systems Transformation

That said, the final COP28 agreement countries must adhere to doesn’t include the word soil, meaning there is still some way to go before soil health is elevated to the position it deserves.

SSA at COP28 🌱

We were excited to be asked to speak (virtually) at two COP28 fringe events held by Save Soils. SSA directors Matt and Elly spoke about the role of soil in climate proofing our future, discussing the need for fair incentivisation and consistent soil metrics and on the potential of green finance in the context of soil health improvement. Click below to watch the recordings! 

Watch our session on the role of soil in fighting climate change

Watch our session on green finance and soil health