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Championing the urgent restoration of Britain's deteriorating soil to prevent flooding, mitigate the effects of climate change and promote national food security


A partnership of farming organisations, businesses, NGOs, applied science and academia working together to restore our soils to health within one generation.




Latest News

  • SSA Update: 29 March

    The Soil Health Industry Platform's (SHIP) first annual progress report is available online. The Platform was established last year by the SSA to foster collaboration and cooperation in the field of soil health among major UK food and drink businesses. 

  • SSA Update: 8 March

    SSA Executive director Matthew Orman gave evidence today at the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee inquiry into soil health alongside representatives from BSSS, Client Earth, CPRE, the Society for the Environment and UKCEH. Watch the full session here:

  • SSA Update: 5 February

    In late 2022 the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee launched an inquiry into soil health. The SSA responded with a comprehensive review of the state of soil policy in the UK. Read the full response along with a summary of our recommendations here:

The Week in Soil: 02 June

The average income for farming households in the UK declined by 11% between 2021 and 2022, which could affect the ability for farms to transition to more environmental practices. Reduced incomes have been influenced by the transition to new farming subsidies, such as Defra’s Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI), as well a...

Our Work


Soils policy is about more than just government activity.  Indeed, we campaign for action and policy change by a wide range of players: farming, urban and woodland; corporate and agency; national, regional and local; voluntary and regulatory.

Stakeholder Events

Stakeholder events have been a cornerstone of our campaigning activities since our launch in 2017.

Consultation & Policy Responses

We respond to calls for evidence to ensure that soil health is at the heart of this decision-making with views representative of our Science Panel, Strategic Advisory Board and broader membership

Soil Library

Visit our collection of online resources on soil health, science and policy.

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Sustainable Soils Alliance

Supporters of the SSA have a critical role to play in enabling soil recovery within one generation and a sustainable soil policy for future generations. Join our champions and help support our important work with a donation.